What Burns My Biscuits

You know what really Burns my Biscuits?....


How grocery stores set you up to fail. Its common knowledge nowadays that the healthy food is in the outer perimeter of the grocery store, causing you to cover more distance to get them. But what really whips my naes naes is the recent development of disbanding the healthy food aisle. Me and my wife currently shop at a grocery chain we’ll just call Shtim’s here in Vegas. And they currently have all the “healthy” selections mixed in with their less health conscious counterparts in the aisles, only to be designated by a green label above the shelf. Unfortunately for me, if the Red Lentil Snack Crisps are beside the new Pickle Flavored Lays, I’m probably leaving with both. As if one cancels out the other. On top of all that. Once you finally have the discipline of a Shaolin monk and have enough will power to just go in, grab everything you need real fast from each aisle. THEY REORGANIZE the whole store. So you end up like Po from Kung Fu Panda again meandering around, looking for Unsweetend Low fat Almond Milk and leaving with a 6 pack Sampler of the new Craft Beers from Saskatoon. Don’t even get me started on the 8 Checkout counters, but there’s only one cashier thing. And she always happens to be in the register with all the candy staring at you while you wait extra long. Because the guy ahead of you needs help finding the Sprouted Ezekiel Bread BECAUSE THEY REORGANIZED THE WHOLE STORE