Good Food, For Good People

Welcome to the Weight Plates Blog. 

Anjo here, former Executive Chef for the Hilton Garden Inn Las Vegas Strip. along with my Sister Alexandra, a Registered Dietitian, we own and Operate our wellness Company Weight Plates. Starting the business a couple years ago seemed like a perfect transition at the time. I had just finished an Ironman Triathlon, also happened to be a Certified Crossfit and Weightlifting Coach. Putting my two passions together seemed like a no brainer. Though i’ll admit, running a small business has not been easy. We wear many hats and are constantly faced with new and different challenges. Most of the time its a Roller coaster of emotion. One minute you feel overwhelmed with satisfaction then the next minute, anxiety because of the uncertainty of the future. But through this roller coaster of emotion, there is one feeling i am certain of and that is the fact that I’m Hungry.......all the time. I’m sure others feel the same way. So as my former Mentor Johny “Vegas” Ayers use to say. We’re here to make Good Food, for Good People.


There will also be segment called “What Burns my Biscuits” where i share my thoughts on Fitness and Health topics that rub me the wrong way. Bare with me